Pathologies Programming

What is Pathologies Programming?

Pathologies Programming is a multi-faceted approach to helping trainers Program for their clients who have or have had Orthopedic injuries that need to be carefully trained.

Currently Pathologies Programming is divided into three distinct areas that all work together to help educate and assist the Fitness professional in making the right decisions in terms of training for their clients.

I. The Pathologies Programming Workshops:

Every 4 weeks a Pathologies Programming workshop will be offered at select Equinox locations. Trainers from any location may attend. The class is a 30-40 instructional class on various relevant Orthopedic issues that the trainer will encounter. They are case study style scenarios in which a Patient that was referred to me for evaluation will be used as the example for all trainers to learn.  The trainers in attendance will be exposed to: 1) Functional anatomy, 2) Causative factors of the injury (biomechanical and functional limitations), 3) Indications for Corrective exercises, and 4) Contraindications of exercises and activities.

The trainer will gain valuable experience on how to program for these clients and on how to keep their programs geared to keeping their clients safe and healthy.

Areas of Interest will Include: 1) Shoulder (Labrum, Impingements, Tendonitis, Dislocations, etc), 2) Knee (Meniscus, Ligament, Patella related issues, Post surgical), 3) Spine, Ankle, Elbow and many others.

II. Email Support:

Weekly emails will be sent out to those trainers who signed up to receive updated educational information to help them better program for their clients with Orthopedic limitations. Articles, Links to Instructional videos, Client advise, and much more will be sent each week.

In addition, the trainer can email questions they may have about client related issues such as those discussed in Pathologies Programming as well as suggestions and concerns. The Door is open for trainers to reach out and learn more about what they can do to help their clients.